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M.K International, is our company agent in Bangladesh to sell mosquito coil chemical as below:(address:Mamudpur, Karim Market, Bhuighar, Fatullah, Narayangonj, Bangladesh. Attn : Mr. Monaem Khan +8801711176774 / +8801881491402 ) Dimefluthrin ,Meperfluthrin ,D-allethrin, Es-biothrin ,Permethrin ,cypermethrin, bifenthrin ,deltramethrin, d-tetramethrin,tetramethrin ,Bifenthrin ,transfluthrin,S-bioallethrin,D-trans-allethrin,meperfluthrin ect. Ethyl 4-chloroacetoacetate , Methyl 4-Chloroacetoacetate , Pyrithiobac-sodium 2,3-Difuoro-5-chloropyridine , 2,3,5-trichloropyridine , Ethyl 4-chloro-3-hydroxybutyrate 2-Cyano-4'-methylbiphenyl(OTBN),1-fluoronaphthalene ,2-Cyano-4'-methylbiphenyl ,4,4'-Dimethylbiphenyl ,Bifenthrin alcohol ,bifenthrin,Transfluthrin, esbiothrin, Ethyl Chloroformate,Methyl Salicylate,Trietylene Glycol(TEG).

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