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Product Name:  Permethrin
CAS No:  52645-53-1
Usage:  It is mainly used to control vector insect (e.g.mosquitoes,flies. And cockroach), and moth in
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Product Introduction

Permethrin is a high-effective,broad-spectrum,low-toxic and residue pyrethroid of light-stableness. It has strong
contact and stomach poisoning activity. It is an ovicide with repellent activity. Without cyanic in its structure,the
irritation is slight. It is mainly used  to control vector insect   (e.g.mosquitoes,flies. And cockroach), and moth in
wool, leather,limber and furniture. It is also used in prevention and control of pests in cotton,rice,crop,fruit tree,
vegetables, tea tree,and forest. 
 Chemical Name:3-Phenoxybenzyl-(1R,S)-cis,trans-2,2-dimethyl-3-(2,2-dichlorovinyl)cyclopropanecarboxylate
Formula Weight:391.30
CAS NO:52645-53-1

Appearance:Faint yellow-faint brown sticky liquid.
May turn to be solid for a long time storage.
Specific gravity:1.21(d420)
Boiling Point:200℃/1.33Pa or 220℃/6.67Pa
Vapor pressure:4.53×10-5Pa(25℃)
Solubility:Hardly soluble in water, but soluble in organic solvents.
Stability:Stable in neutral acidic medium, but easlily hydrolyzed in alkaline solution; light resistant; not corrosive.
Toxicity:Acute oral LD50 to rats is more than 2000mg/kg. Acute dermal LD50 to rats is more than 2500mg/kg, Acute inhalant LC50 to rats is more than 23.5mg/L air. No irritation to skin, and slight irritation to eyes.

Quality Index:
Permethrin Technical
Appearance :faint yellow-faint brown viscous liquid. 
 Top class:content≥95.0% 
A class :content  ≥93.0% 
Moisture ≤0.2% 
Acid degree ≤0.15% 
Acetone infusibility≤0.1%

Packing:25kgs/Iron drum

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